Hockanum Cemetery
Hadley, Massachusetts

Tombstone Inventory

Names in red are duplicate entries listed by maiden surname, when known.

Names in blue are names of individuals buried in Hockanum
with tombstones that are missing, damaged, or unable to be identified.

"Unknown" is a link that will take you to a list of stone images
that are unable to be identified.

Obviously some of the blue links might correspond to the unknown images
with more reliable information available to make the determination.

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Last First Image
Allen Harriet Elizabeth More
Barstow Asaph S. More
Barstow Bertha (Case) More
Barstow Bessie E. (Cook) More
Barstow Daughter (Marion E.) More
Barstow Edith R. More
Barstow Elizabeth G. More
Barstow Ella L. (Taylor) More
Barstow Estella M. Newell More
Barstow Esther (Searle) More
Barstow Ethel More
Barstow Florence E. More
Barstow Hannah More
Barstow Hannah B. More
Barstow Harriet More
Barstow Iva I. (Turner) More
Barstow John R. More
Barstow John S. More
Barstow Luther H. More
Barstow Luther More
Barstow Margaret E. (Greene) More
Barstow Marion E. More
Barstow Marjorie H. (Shipman) More
Barstow Mary (Smith) More
Barstow Mary R. More
Barstow Melissa M. More
Barstow Nelson More
Barstow Norman C., Sr. More
Barstow Olive C. More
Barstow Roger C. More
Barstow Septimus More
Barstow Susan More
Barstow Susannah S More
Barstow Timothy A. More
Barstow Unknown More
Barstow Unknown More
Bartlett Charlotte S. More
Bartlett Dorinda More
Bartlett Elizabeth More
Bartlett George H. More
Bartlett Henrietta (Laurence) More
Bartlett John More
Bartlett John More
Bartlett John Freddie More
Bartlett Levi More
Bartlett Levi H. More
Bartlett Levi H. More
Bartlett Mary Ann More
Bartlett Naomi More
Bartlett Sarah H. More
Batchelder Margaret More
Beaver Unknown More
Berk Agnes (Alice) More
Bialecki Edward Jonathan More
Bissel Asa More
Bliss May I. More
Bryant Marian E. More
Buckhout William A. More
Burnham Mabel More
Case Bertha More
Champlin Jennie B. More
Church Theodore A. More
Clark Julia B. More
Clark Mary Constance More
Clarke Lucy More
Clarke Sarah More
Cook Bessie E. More
Cook Caleb More
Cook Joseph More
Cowles Harriet A. More
Dane Lucy A. More
Day Alonzo More
Day Elizabeth B. More
Day H.N. More
Day Henry More
Day Merlancton More
Day Minerva More
Demary Fern R. More
Duffey Gladys More
Dunn Jennie L. (Lyman) More
Dunn Raymond H. More
Eldredge Sarah Alethea More
Finch Ruth More
Glines Everett S. More
Glines Hazel Mack More
Glines Wendy More
Gouger Cedric B. More
Gouger Fern R. (Demary) More
Gouger Judson T. More
Gouger Louise N. (Lerch) More
Green Mary J. More
Greene Margaret E. More
Guild Joanne M. More
Hall Drusilla More
Harrop Elizabeth (Jewell) More
Harrop James Edward More
Harrop Ruth E. More
Hendricks James C. More
Herrick W.B. More
Hide Lemuel More
Hunt Barbara More
Jewell Elizabeth More
Jewell Sarah H. More
Johnson Ada L. (Martin) More
Johnson Alfred More
Johnson Althea More
Johnson Anna Tweed (McQueston) More
Johnson Arthur More
Johnson Catharine R. More
Johnson Chester L. More
Johnson Clifton More
Johnson Davis Gilman More
Johnson Drusilla (Hall) More
Johnson Edward More
Johnson Eleanor Bliss More
Johnson Electa (Search) More
Johnson Elizabeth More
Johnson Elsie (Welts) More
Johnson Emeline More
Johnson Emeline More
Johnson Emma J. More
Johnson George Elliott More
Johnson Harriet Elizabeth (Allen) More
Johnson Helen David More
Johnson Henry Reynolds More
Johnson Hettie E. More
Johnson Irving McClure More
Johnson Isaac More
Johnson Isaac More
Johnson James B. More
Johnson Jenette Reynolds More
Johnson Julia A. More
Johnson Liberty H. More
Johnson Lorenzo P. More
Johnson Lucy A.. (Dane) More
Johnson Margaret (Batchelder) More
Johnson Margaret Burroughs More
Johnson Mary Constance (Clark) More
Johnson May I. (Bliss) More
Johnson Minnie Jordan More
Johnson Nettie Louise More
Johnson Oliver M. More
Johnson Oscar A. More
Johnson Oscar A. More
Johnson Pauline Catherine (Rule) More
Johnson Rachel More
Johnson Roger More
Johnson Sarah More
Johnson Sarah H. (Jewell) More
Johnson Stephen More
Johnson Stephen More
Johnson Stephen Elliott More
Johnson Warren Hall More
Johnson Willie H. More
Kellogg Daniel More
Kellogg Rachel More
Kendall Marion Cowles (Lawrence) More
Kendall Waldo W. More
Laurence Henrietta More
Lawrence Andrew More
Lawrence Frederick H. More
Lawrence Harriet A. (Cowles) More
Lawrence Julia B. (Clark) More
Lawrence Marion Cowles More
Lee Seth More
Lemmon Amanda M. More
Lerch Louise N. More
Lewis Charles H. More
Lewis Charles H. More
Lewis Mary R. (Barstow) More
Lewis Unknown More
Lyman A. Adelbert More
Lyman Amanda M. More
Lyman Amaziah More
Lyman Amaziah H. More
Lyman Charles More
Lyman Charles More
Lyman Charles A. More
Lyman Cornelius More
Lyman E. Israel More
Lyman E.N. More
Lyman Edward P. More
Lyman Edwin W. More
Lyman Elijah More
Lyman Elijah More
Lyman Elijah More
Lyman Elisha J. More
Lyman Elizabeth More
Lyman Elizabeth More
Lyman Elizabeth Ann More
Lyman Elizabeth S. More
Lyman Elizabeth S. More
Lyman Ellen A. More
Lyman Enos More
Lyman Enos P. More
Lyman Esther L. More
Lyman Eunice M. More
Lyman Francis A, More
Lyman Francis A. More
Lyman Fred R. More
Lyman Frieda L. More
Lyman George More
Lyman Gideon More
Lyman Hadassah More
Lyman Hannah More
Lyman Harold D. More
Lyman Harriet S. More
Lyman Hattie M. More
Lyman Hattie M. More
Lyman Ida V. (Prentice) More
Lyman Israel More
Lyman Israel More
Lyman Jane Louise More
Lyman Jennie B. (Champlin) More
Lyman Jennie L. More
Lyman John More
Lyman Joseph C. More
Lyman Joseph W. More
Lyman Julius More
Lyman Laura S. More
Lyman Laura S. (2) More
Lyman Laura W. More
Lyman Lois A. More
Lyman Lucinda M. More
Lyman Lucius More
Lyman Luther A. More
Lyman Lydia W. More
Lyman Martha More
Lyman Martha I. More
Lyman Mary B. More
Lyman Mary J. (Green) More
Lyman May More
Lyman Mehetable More
Lyman Norton More
Lyman Rachel More
Lyman Sadie S. More
Lyman Samuel M. More
Lyman Sarah S. More
Lyman Sidney More
Lyman Susan (Barstow) More
Lyman Unknown More
Lyman Walter E. More
Lyman Zadoc More
Lyman Zelda J. S. More
Mack Alice S. (Russell) More
Mack Charlotte More
Mack Fred Oscar More
Martin Ada L. More
McClure Rose E. More
McQueston Anna Tweed More
McQueston Etta More
McQueston John More
McQueston Rose E. (McClure) More
Mellen Florence More
Miles Carolyn Jill More
Miles David C. More
Miles Donald Scoboria More
Miles Nancy Rutter More
Moberg Unknown More
Pease Chloe More
Pease Dezire More
Pease Julia A. More
Pease Lucinda (Lucy) More
Pease Peter More
Pomeroy Ebenezer More
Pomeroy Ethan More
Pomeroy Ethan More
Pomeroy Indant daughter More
Pomeroy Jacob Parsons More
Pomeroy Mindwell More
Pomeroy Sarah (Wolcott) More
Pomeroy Stephen More
Prentice Ida V. More
Purdy Marion (Shipman) More
Rice Julia A. (Johnson) More
Richardson Abby More
Richardson Barnard More
Richardson E. Louis More
Richardson Grace Marion More
Richardson Hannah More
Richardson Harriet More
Richardson Harriet Rebecca More
Richardson John B. More
Richardson Louis R. More
Richardson Lucy (Clarke) More
Richardson Lucy Ann More
Richardson Mabel (Wolcott) More
Richardson Mabel Louisa More
Richardson Martha Jane More
Richardson Mary More
Richardson Mary Davis More
Richardson Sarah (Clarke) More
Richardson William More
Rogers Alice More
Rule Pauline Catherine More
Russell Alice M. More
Russell Alice S. More
Russell Ernest S. J. More
Russell Etta (McQueston) More
Russell Florence I. (Dizenski) More
Russell Hattie M. More
Russell Jennette D. More
Russell Samuel More
Russell Samuel M. More
Russell Samuel M. More
Russell Stuart M. More
Rutter Margaret Burroughs (Johnson) More
Rutter Margaret Wilcox More
Rutter Walter F. More
Rutter William Frederick More
Search Electa More
Searle Esther More
Searle Joel E. More
Shipman Agnes (Alice) (Berk) More
Shipman George More
Shipman Gladys (Duffey) More
Shipman Harriet N. More
Shipman Marion More
Shipman Marjorie H. More
Shipman Raymond D. More
Shipman Raymond Delano More
Simons Donald J. More
Simons John F. More
Simons Nettie Louise (Johnson) More
Smith Barbara (Hunt) More
Smith Barbara Hunt More
Smith George Sherman More
Smith George Sherman More
Smith Mary More
Spencer Eleanor Bliss (Johnson) More
Spencer Frank Henry More
Stone Roger W. More
Taylor Betsey More
Taylor Ella L. More
Taylor Noah L. More
Thayer Abby (Richardson) More
Thayer Alice (Rogers) More
Thayer Charles Hyram More
Thayer Charles S. More
Thayer Florence (Mellen) More
Thayer Jessie (Vallentine) More
Thayer Kenneth More
Thayer Lucy C. More
Thayer Richard M. More
Thayer Richard Pomroy More
Thayer Ruth (Finch) More
Thomas Florence A. More
Thomas Hannah (Barstow) More
Turner Iva I. More
Unknown List of More
Vallentine Jessie More
Watson Abigail More
Welts Elsie More
Wilder Rachel L. More
Wolcott Epaphras More
Wolcott Mabel More
Wolcott Mabel (Burnham) More
Wolcott Sarah More
Wright Hattie M. (Russell) More
Wright Justus A. More

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