Precious Blood Cemetery

South Hadley, Massachusetts
Hampshire County

Located on Route 33
South Hadley

Tombstone Inventory
A - Be

Names in red are duplicate entries listed by maiden surname, when known.

Obviously some of the unknown links might be identified with more reliable
information available to make the determination. If you can help out here,
please do not hesitate to contact me.

Section Last First Image
FC Adam Albert More
FC Adam Aurora (Francoeur) More
BK Adams Albina (Daniel) More
BK Adams Arthur More
BK Adams Georgianna (Prefontaine) More
BK Adams Lionel More
BK Adams Lionel A. More
BK Adams Loretta (Legare) More
BK Adams Victoria M. More
FC Admas Viva More
BK Aiken Albina More
BK Aiken James J. More
FC Airoldi Aime F. More
FC Airoldi Aime F. More
FC Airoldi Denery J. More
FC Airoldi Rita (Gagnon) More
FC Airoldi Theresa E. More
FL Albin Ronald More
FL Allain Marie A. More
FC Allard Germina E. More
BK Althemise Dora More
BK Angers Aime J. More
BK Angers Claire A. (Jeffery) More
BK Angers Lawrence W. More
BK Angers Lillian More
BK Angers Mary More
BK Angers Mary Ann More
BK Angers Raymond G. More
BK Angers Stanislas More
BK Angers Ubald M. More
BK Angers Xavier More
BK Arbour Felix More
BK Arbour Malvina More
BK Arcand Rosina More
FC Archambault Alcedor More
BK Archambault Cecile More
FR Archambault Eliza More
BK Archambault Marcel R. More
FR Archambault Ovila More
FC Archambault Therese (Provost) More
FL Archambault Unknown More
BK Arny Laura Jean More
BK Arny Lorraine B. More
BK Arny Thomas E. More
BK Arny Thomas E. More
FC Asselin Doris A. (Dufresne) More
FC Asselin Eva (LaPierre) More
FC Asselin Narcisse More
FC Asselin Roland J. More
FR Aube Albina More
BK Aube Florida More
BK Aubuchon Alfred L. More
BK Aubuchon Irene V. (Roy) More
FC Audette Amanda More
BK Audette Arthur A. More
BK Audette Clara (Derosier) More
FC Authier Adelaide (LaPointe) More
FC Authier Florida More
BK Authier Hervey L. More
BK Authier Hervey L. More
BK Authier Lena Gazillo More
FC Authier Lillian A. (Riopel) More
FC Authier Normand P. More
FC Authier Normand P. More
FC Authier Phillippe More
FC Authier Rene More
FC Authier Russell J. More
BK Avery Simone M. More
FL Avoute (?) David More
BK Barselou Emma K. More
BK Bachand Charles More
BK Bachand Elosia (Bernier) More
TL Bachand Estelle More
BK Bachand Jeanne F. (Galipeau) More
FC Bacon Yvette L. More
FL Badger Matthew Joseph More
FL Badger William H. More
BK Bailey Alfred More
BK Baker Cloyd More
FC Baker Doris E. More
FC Baker Eva L. More
BK Baker Marion M. (Stone) More
FC Baker Marion R. More
FC Balthazar Alfred More
FC Balthazar Emma (Beauregard) More
FC Balthazar Frank E. More
FC Balthazar Leo X. More
FR Barie Cleree More
FR Baril Claire More
BK Barre Gabrielle (Lariviere) More
BK Barre George A. More
BK Barre Rosaria More
FR Barre Viola A. More
BK Barree Angelina D. More
BK Barrette Delia More
BK Barrette Delima More
BK Barry Henry More
BK Barsalou Aime J. More
FL Barsalou Alvores More
FL Barsalou Alyre H. More
BK Barsalou Armand J. More
BK Barsalou Arthur More
BK Barsalou Flodia (Aube) More
BK Barsalou Loretta (Beausejour) More
FL Barsalou Marie A. (Allain) More
FL Barsalou Omer J. More
FL Barsalou Omer J. More
FL Barsalou Rosanna (Ste. Marie) More
BK Barsalou Rose A. More
FC Bayeur Claire R. More
FC Bayeur Rita J. (Perreault) More
BK Bazinet Rene H. More
BK Bazinet Rodolphe J. More
BK Beauchemin Aime More
BK Beauchemin Aime J. More
BK Beauchemin Alfred P. More
FL Beauchemin Alice A. More
BK Beauchemin Antoinette (Charest) More
BK Beauchemin Azilda (Gagne) More
BK Beauchemin Emma More
BK Beauchemin Margaret H. More
BK Beauchemin Philbert L. More
BK Beauchemin Rene S. More
BK Beauchemin Ronald L. More
BK Beauchemin Ronald L. More
BK Beaudette Raymond More
BK Beaudette Theresa N. More
FL Beaudin Bertha (Yvor) More
FC Beaudin Edmire More
FL Beaudin Leo J. More
BK Beaudoin  Leo A. More
BK Beaudoin Adelard J. More
FR Beaudoin Atella More
FR Beaudoin Claire (Baril) More
FR Beaudoin Edwidge More
BK Beaudoin Eugene More
FR Beaudoin Georgianna More
FR Beaudoin Joseph More
BK Beaudoin Philias More
FR Beaudoin (?) Unknown More
BK Beaudry Alice C. (Parenteau) More
BK Beaudry Alma L. More
BK Beaudry Amanda L. (Peterson) More
FC Beaudry Angelina (Champoux) More
FR Beaudry Anna (Dugas) More
BK Beaudry Armand J. More
BK Beaudry Arthur E. More
BK Beaudry Arthur H. More
BK Beaudry Arthur H. More
BK Beaudry Beatrice More
BK Beaudry Doris B. More
FR Beaudry Emilie (Parizeau) More
BK Beaudry Emma (Richard) More
FC Beaudry Ernest J. More
BK Beaudry Frank W. More
FC Beaudry Helene O. (Langlois) More
FR Beaudry Irma(?) More
BK Beaudry Lea E. (Cote) More
BK Beaudry Leo Z. More
FC Beaudry Leonard J. More
BK Beaudry Lillian G. More
BK Beaudry Louis A. More
FL Beaudry M. Josephine (Bisson) More
BK Beaudry Maria E. (Blain) More
BK Beaudry Marie J. More
FR Beaudry Millie (?) More
BK Beaudry Pearl More
FC Beaudry Raoul More
BK Beaudry Raymond E. More
BK Beaudry Theresa More
FL Beaudry Wilfred J. More
BK Beaudry Wilfrid J. More
BK Beaulieu Annie More
BK Beaulieu William More
FL Beaupre Jeanne More
BK Beaupre Joseph J. More
BK Beaupre Maria L. More
FR Beauregard Adelard S., Jr. More
FR Beauregard Agnes M. (Wells) More
FC Beauregard Emma More
BK Beauregard Francois More
BK Beauregard Leonie More
FC Beauregard Matilda (Marquis) More
FC Beauregard Pierre More
BK Beausejour Loretta More
BK Beausejour Yvonne More
BK Bedard Alice More
BK Bedard Alice L. (Lemieux) More
BK Bedard Alphonse More
BK Bedard Alphonse More
BK Bedard Dorothy More
BK Bedard Germaine M. More
BK Bedard Ovila J. More
BK Bedard Yvonne S. More
BK Begin Leda R. (Roy) More
BK Begin Oscar A. More
BK Belanger Adelard More
FR Belanger Alfred More
BK Belanger Amedee More
FR Belanger Anna (Mignault) More
BK Belanger Rose A. (Coderre) More
BK Belanger Xavier More
BK Belisle Clara M. More
FL Benard Philomine More
FC Benoit Albert F. More
BK Benoit Alcide More
FC Benoit Clara More
BK Benoit Clara (Vachon) More
BK Benoit Dorilla M. (Germain) More
BK Benoit Eva More
FC Benoit Georgianna H. More
BK Benoit Hormidas More
FC Benoit Joseph More
BK Benoit Joseph J. More
BK Benoit Marcel C. More
BK Benoit Patricia T. More
FC Benoit Romeo More
BK Bergeron A. Joseph More
BK Bergeron Angeline More
BK Bergeron Arthur More
BK Bergeron Arthur J. More
BK Bergeron Arthur Joseph More
BK Bergeron Diana M. More
BK Bergeron Diana M. (Peloquin) More
BK Bergeron Francois More
BK Bergeron Irene A. More
BK Bergeron Jean Paul More
BK Bergeron Joseph A. More
BK Bergeron Joseph E. More
BK Bergeron Joseph O. More
FR Bergeron Louis More
BK Bergeron Lucille More
BK Bergeron Reina M. (Monty) More
BK Bergeron Roland R. More
BK Bergeron Rose A. More
BK Bernard Valeda More
BK Bernard Wilfred More
FC Berneche Bertha More
FC Berneche Edward More
FC Berneche Edward More
FC Berneche Exilia More
FC Berneche Joseph O. More
FC Berneche Lucie (Chouinard) More
FC Berneche Roland More
BK Bernier Alminda More
BK Bernier Charles O. More
BK Bernier Charles V. More
BK Bernier Clara M. More
BK Bernier Elosia More
BK Bernier Gabrielle M. More
BK Bernier Isabelle G. More
BK Bernier Lawrence W. More
FC Berthiaume Aime More
FC Berthiaume Blandine (Daple) More
FC Berthiaume Raymond A. More
BK Bertrand Alfred J. More
BK Bertrand Celina More
BK Bertrand Edgar More
BK Bertrand Glorevina More
BK Bertrand Octave J. More
BK Bertrand Priscilla More
BK Berube Napoleon More
BK Berube Viola M. More
BK Bessett Edna B. (Riviere) More
BK Bessett William C. More
BK Bessette Ora More

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