Precious Blood Cemetery

South Hadley, Massachusetts
Hampshire County

Located on Route 33
South Hadley

Tombstone Inventory
Bf - Bz

Names in red are duplicate entries listed by maiden surname, when known.

Obviously some of the unknown links might be identified with more reliable
information available to make the determination. If you can help out here,
please do not hesitate to contact me.

Section Last First Image
FR Bienvenue Claire M. More
FL Bienvenue Doris E. (LaBonte) More
FL Bienvenue Joan E. More
FL Bienvenue Paul J. More
FL Bienvenue Paul J. More
BK Bienvenue Rena More
BK Bienvenus Alexandre More
BK Billings Emily Leroux More
BK Billings Germaine A, More
BK Bilodeau Adelard J. More
BK Bilodeau Delia M. More
BK Bilodeau Dorilas More
BK Birks David More
FL Bisson M. Josephine More
BK Bizaillon Delia More
BK Blain Alice E. (Lamothe) More
BK Blain Hector A. More
BK Blain Leopold J. (Rev) More
BK Blain Louisette M. More
BK Blain Maria E. More
BK Blaine Maria Leduc More
BK Blair Adelor More
FR Blair Annette (Talbot) More
FR Blair Eugene More
BK Blais Jeannette (Domingue) More
BK Blais Lorenzo More
BK Blais Phillippe More
BK Blanchard Armand More
BK Blanchard Irene (Peltier) More
FC Blanchard Unknown More
BK Blanchette Celanise (Martineau) More
BK Blanchette Edward H. More
BK Blanchette Hormidas More
BK Boardman Theresa (Morin) More
BK Boczon Jeannette A. More
FC Boily Florette R. (LaBarge) More
BK Boisselle Albert J. More
BK Boisselle Florina More
BK Boisselle Germaine More
BK Boisselle Lionel More
BK Boissonnault Euclida L. More
BK Boissonnault Sirice I. More
BK Boisvert Albina More
BK Boisvert Ceceilia (Jeannotte) More
BK Boisvert Cecilia More
BK Boisvert Clara More
BK Boisvert Ferdinand More
FR Boisvert Harvey More
FR Boisvert Harvey E. More
BK Boivin Adelard More
FL Bolduc Napoleon More
BK Bollecker Albert H. More
FR Bombardier Irene F. More
BK Bonafilia Constance M. (Dostie) More
BK Bonafilia Robert O. More
BK Bonafilia Robert O. More
BK Bonin Rita C. (Provost) More
BK Bonin Wilfred J. More
FC Bostley Arlene J. More
FC Boucher Armand A. More
FC Boucher Armand A. More
BK Boucher Cecile P. More
BK Boucher Claire More
BK Boucher Claire O. (Willett) More
BK Boucher Eva (Couture) More
BK Boucher Florida More
BK Boucher George More
BK Boucher George O. More
BK Boucher Lillian More
BK Boucher Paul R. More
FC Boudreau Armand S. More
FC Boudreau Dorilla More
BK Boudreau Exilda Fournier More
FC Boudreau Loretta More
FC Boudreau Napoleon C. More
BK Boudreau(?) Firmain More
BK Boulais Charlotte Ruth More
BK Boulerice Exilda S. More
BK Bourdeau Ella M. More
FC Bourdon L. S. More
FC Bourgeois Alfred More
FL Bourgeois Blanche M. More
FC Bourgeois Delina (Couture) More
FC Bourgeois Jean B. More
FC Bourgeois Marie Louise More
BK Bourour? Joseph More
BK Bourque Albert More
BK Bourque Alfred More
BK Bourque Alfred More
BK Bourque Blanche More
BK Bourque Doris C. More
BK Bourque George A. More
BK Bourque Irene More
BK Bourque Joseph More
BK Bourque Yvonne More
BK Bousquet Robert G. More
FR Bouthillette Irene More
FR Boutot Constance J. (LaFond) More
FR Boutot Mark E. More
FR Boutot Mark E. More
BK Boyer Armand R. More
BK Boyer Emma More
BK Boyer Henry W. More
FR Boyer Marie Louise More
BK Boyer Salome M. More
FR Brassard Peter J. More
BK Brault Oliva More
BK Breault Adjutor J. More
BK Breault Marie Rose More
BK Breton Albert J. More
BK Breton Amelia L. More
BK Breton Leo E. More
BK Breton Leo J. More
BK Brien Isabel Roy More
BK Brin Angelina Sawyer More
BK Brin Joseph L. More
BK Brin Patricia More
BK Brin Robert E. More
TL Brin Romeo E. More
BK Brizard Alexander H. More
BK Brizard Lillian G (Beaudry) More
BK Brochu Arthemise More
BK Brochu Pierre More
BK Brodeur Ernest C. More
BK Brodeur Eva M. More
FR Brodeur Laura More
BK Brosseau Bella M. (Guay) More
BK Brosseau Cynthia More
BK Brosseau Joseph G. More
FR Brothers Edward J. More
FR Brothers Viola A. (Barre) More
BK Brouillette Auglore More
BK Brouillette Clarence More
BK Brouillette Eugene More
BK Brouillette George More
BK Brousseau Ada More
BK Brow Edward J. More
FC Brown Byron More
FR Brown Charlotte S. More
FR Brown Edward J. More
BK Brown Ezra J. More
BK Brown Ezra J., Jr. More
FC Brown Germaine (St. Jean) More
BK Brown Irene (Pelletier) More
FR Brown Mark D. More
BK Brown Rosemary K. (Szydlowski) More
BK Brown Stella More
BK Brown Vincent G. More
BK Brown Vincent G. More
BK Burdo Rose More
BK Burelle Aime H. More
BK Burelle Lea I. More
BK Burke James Albert More
BK Burke Mary More
BK Burke Patricia Brin More
FC Bushey Peter More
FC Bushey Ruby (Tatro) More

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