Precious Blood Cemetery

South Hadley, Massachusetts
Hampshire County

Located on Route 33
South Hadley

Tombstone Inventory

Names in red are duplicate entries listed by maiden surname, when known.

Obviously some of the unknown links might be identified with more reliable
information available to make the determination. If you can help out here,
please do not hesitate to contact me.

Section Last First Image
BK Cadieux George F. More
BK Cadieux Joseph H. More
BK Cadieux Joseph N. More
BK Cadieux Laura H. More
BK Cadieux Rose Anna More
FC Cadieux More
FC Camire Amede More
FC Camire Bernadette More
FC Camire Flora More
BK Campbell Joseph L. More
BK Campbell Rhea B. (Roy) More
BK Campbell (?) Unknown More
BK Caouette Alma More
BK Caouette Germaine A, (Billings) More
BK Caouette Philias J. More
BK Caouette Rita A. More
BK Caouette. Armand H. More
FC Capistrant (?) Aro__n (?) More
BK Cardin Joseph More
BK Cardin Unknown More
BK Caron Basile More
BK Caron Evilina More
BK Caron Lawrence, Jr. More
BK Carpentier Delia More
BK Carpentier Rosalie (Lapierre) More
BK Carpentier Unknown More
FL Carrier Alfred A. More
FL Carrier Alice M. More
FL Carrier Blanche M. (Bourgeois) More
FR Carrier Claire O. More
FL Carrier Francis X. More
FL Carrier Roger J. More
BK Carriveau Alphonse More
BK Carriveau Armand A. More
BK Carriveau Laura (Goulet) More
BK Carriveau Mary More
TL Castle Frederick A. More
BK Castonguay Anna B. More
BK Castonguay Hermine More
BK Castonguay I. George More
BK Cayer Marie Marcil More
BK Chagnon Diana M. (Bergeron) More
BK Chagnon Lena A. (Ducharme) More
BK Chagnon Ora M. More
BK Chagnon Paul D. More
BK Chagnon Paul D. More
BK Chagnon William More
BK Chagnon William J. More
BK Chagnon William P. More
BK Chalifoux John B. More
BK Chalifoux L. Sene More
BK Champagne Alex(?) More
FC Champagne Armand O. More
FC Champagne Clara R. More
FL Champagne Hattie More
FC Champagne Lenora A. More
BK Champagne Louis More
BK Champagne Thelesprore(?) More
BK Champagne Unknown More
FL Champagne Unknown More
FC Champoux Angelina More
BK Charbonneau Aurianna More
BK Charest Antoinette More
BK Charest Arthur More
BK Charest C_______ More
BK Charest Elvareh More
BK Charest Florence LaChance More
BK Charest Joseph N. More
BK Charest Rene More
BK Charland Joseph More
FC Charpentier Albert A. More
FC Charpentier Beatrice R. (LaBrecque) More
FC Charpentier Roland V. More
FL Chartier Edmourd R. More
FL Chartier Estelle B. More
BK Chartier Etienne More
FL Chartier Eva (LaPointe) More
BK Chartier Roseanna More
FC Chicoine Antoine More
FC Chicoine Marie (Millier) More
FC Chicoine (?) Arsila (?) More
FC Chouinard Lucie More
BK Chretien Exilia More
BK Chretien Marie More
FL Christolini Thomas Kendrick More
FC Clark Arthur V. More
BK Clark Claire R. More
BK Clark Clifton E. More
FC Clark Doris E. (Baker) More
BK Clark Helen (Mercier) More
BK Clark Helen M. More
BK Clement Lillian More
FC Cloutier Eliza (Guertin) More
FC Cloutier Pierre More
FC Cloutier Rose A. More
BK Coache Edesse More
BK Coache Moise More
BK Coderre Rose A. More
FC Collins Leona (Lagimoniere) More
FC Comeau Isabella M. More
BK Conner Joseph N. More
BK Conner Rose Ann (Doris) Hebert Everitt More
BK Conrad Edward R. More
BK Corbiere Lena More
BK Cormier Blanche M. More
BK Cormier Charles J. More
BK Corriveau Alice C. More
BK Cote Antoine More
BK Cote Lydia (Southiere) More
BK Cote Marie More
BK Cote Noellia More
BK Cote Oliver O. More
BK Cote Raymond A. More
BK Cote Robert R. More
BK Cote Samuel E. More
BK Cote Yvonne M. More
BK Cotnor Daniel More
BK Cotnor Margaret Dion More
BK Coulombe Arthur More
BK Coulombe Blanche More
BK Coulombe Laura (Lemire) More
BK Counter George F. More
BK Courchesne Claire D. More
FC Courchesne Henry J. More
BK Courchesne Henry W. More
BK Courchesne Leopold C. More
BK Courchesne Lillian M. More
FC Courchesne Lydia M. (Pouliot) More
FC Courchesne Marie Anne More
FC Courchesne Rita E. More
BK Courchesne Victoria More
BK Couture Arthur More
FC Couture Delina More
FL Couture Esther (Regin) More
BK Couture Eva More
BK Couture Georgianna More
BK Couture Ida More
BK Couture Jeanne B. More
FC Couture Marguerite D. (LaPlante) More
FC Couture Napoleon More
BK Couture Victoria C. More
BK Crecoire Mary More
BK Creighton Adeline More
BK Crete Adrien J. More
BK Crete Germaine More
BK Crete Rita C. (Hebert) More
FC Crevier Evelyn More
BK Crochiere Anthony J. More
BK Crochiere Ora R. More
FL Croteau Delvina More
FR Cruz Ana Maria More
BK Cusson Celina (Bertrand) More
BK Cusson Joseph More
BK Cusson Melina More
BK Cusson Valerie More

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