Precious Blood Cemetery

South Hadley, Massachusetts
Hampshire County

Located on Route 33
South Hadley

Tombstone Inventory
H - L

Names in red are duplicate entries listed by maiden surname, when known.

Obviously some of the unknown links might be identified with more reliable
information available to make the determination. If you can help out here,
please do not hesitate to contact me.

Section Last First Image
FC Hamel Alphonse More
FC Hamel Arlene G. (Waite) More
BK Hamel Evelun M. (Thibeault) More
BK Hamel George A. More
FC Hamel Harvey More
BK Hamel Hermina More
BK Hamel Lillian M. (Courchesne) More
FC Hamel Romeo More
FC Hamel Rose A. (Cloutier) More
FC Hamel Wilfred More
BK Hamel? Unknown More
BK Hamelin Albert R. More
BK Hamelin Amelia M. More
BK Hamelin Emery More
BK Hamelin Emery J. More
BK Hamelin Georgianna More
BK Hamelin Rita M. More
BK Hamelin Romeo J. More
BK Hameline Dorothy L. (Sicotte) More
BK Hameline Robert J. More
BK Hameline Sheila More
BK Hardina Helen More
FR Hardina Helen More
BK Harmon? Odila More
FC Hart Emma E. (Rousselle) More
FC Hart Irene B. More
FC Hart Thomas L. More
FC Hayes Evelyn More
BK Heath Mildred L. (Lamontagne) More
BK Heath Richard L. More
BK Heath Richard L. More
FL Hebert Angelina More
FR Hebert Claire M.(Bienvenue) Ferrari More
FC Hebert George Joseph More
FL Hebert Isidore More
BK Hebert Joseph O. More
BK Hebert Leo C. More
BK Hebert Lillian E. More
FC Hebert Mary R. More
BK Hebert Normand L. More
FL Hebert Philomine (Benard) More
BK Hebert Rita C. More
BK Hebert Rosanna More
BK Hebert Rose Ann (Doris) More
FC Hebert Ted More
BK Hebert William Ernest More
FL Helie Alberic More
FL Helie Alice A. (Beauchemin) More
BK Helie Annie B.(Plante) More
BK Helie Patrick More
BK Helie Roger More
BK Helie Yvonne More
FR Hemingway Ernest G. More
FR Hemingway Ernest G. More
BK Hemingway George A. More
BK Hemingway Yvonne M. B. More
BK Hemond Armand H. More
BK Hemond Armand H. More
BK Hemond Lucinda More
BK Hess Cora Robillard More
BK Hillman Joseph More
BK Hillman Unknown 1 More
BK Hillman Unknown 2 More
BK Hodnicki Mona (Peterhansel) More
BK Hopper Baby More
FL Hortie Adelard More
FL Hortie Adelard A. More
FL Hortie Alfred More
FL Hortie Alvelena More
FC Hortie Ambroise More
FC Hortie Delphine More
FL Hortie Demerise More
FL Hortie Dora More
FL Hortie Dora More
FL Hortie Eva More
FL Hortie Eva More
FL Hortie Joseph More
FL Hortie Leo More
FL Hortie Leo More
FL Hortie Marie More
FL Hortie Marie More
FC Hortie Marie (Gauthier) More
FC Hortie (?) Pierre More
BK Houle Adelard More
BK Houle Adelarde A. More
BK Houle Armand More
BK Houle Armand P. More
BK Houle Dora More
BK Houle Edgar More
FC Houle Enda E. (LaBarge) More
BK Houle Ernestine M. More
BK Houle Florence E. More
BK Houle Laurencia (Pivin) More
BK Houle Minnie (Nadeau) More
FL Huot Melanie More
BK Huot Raymond E. More
FC Hyland Eliza Guyott More
FC Hyland Leroy T. More
FC Hyland Thomas F. More
BK Irvin James More
BK Irvin Marie R. (Joyal) More
BK Jackman Beatrice (Durant) More
BK Jackman Lester More
BK Jackman Lillian More
FC Jacques Edmire Beaudin More
FL Jacques Eugenie M. More
FC Jacques Lena More
BK Jacques Nora M. More
FL Jacques Wilfred J. More
BK Jarrett Julia More
BK Jarrett Ovila A. More
FR Jarvis Elizabeth More
FL Jarvis Estelle More
FL Jarvis Joseph More
FL Jarvis Norbert More
FL Jarvis Sophie More
BK Jasienowski Lucille (Phaneuf) More
BK Jasienowski Stanley A. More
BK Jean Dora (Althemise) More
BK Jean James William More
BK Jeannotte Arthur More
BK Jeannotte Arthur J. More
BK Jeannotte Ceceilia More
BK Jeannotte Cordelia More
BK Jeannotte Delia More
BK Jeannotte Delia More
BK Jeannotte Eva More
BK Jeannotte Eva (Fredette) More
BK Jeannotte Irene More
BK Jeannotte Irene More
BK Jeffery Claire A. More
BK Johnson Howard E. More
BK Johnson Laurette M. More
FC Johnston Albert M. More
FC Johnston Albert M. More
FC Johnston June (Tobin) More
FC Johnston Thomas E. More
BK Jolicoeur Eva More
BK Jolly Panlinie More
BK Jones Madeline Ottani More
BK Joslyn Edward More
BK Joyal Amanda M. More
BK Joyal Camille Joseph More
BK Joyal Deus More
BK Joyal Marie R. More
BK Joyal Rose A. (Fournier) More
TL Jussaume Adelard More
BK Keel Jeannette (Lavoie) More
BK Kennedy Hattie E. More
FC Kerouack Maria More
BK Kopec Theodore S. More
BK Kuenzel Marcelle I. More
BK Kurtz Eleanor N. More
BK Kurtz Philip P. More
FC Labarge Angelina M. (Gosselin) More
FC Labarge Armand More
FC Labarge Armand R. More
FC LaBarge Edna E. (LaBarge) More
FC LaBarge Florette R. More
FC Labarge Louis A. More
FC Labarge Pearl More
FC Labarge Pearl M. More
FC Labbe Adelard J. More
FC Labbe Marie J. More
FC Labbe Merilda M. (Leblond) More
FR LaBelle Angelique More
BK LaBelle Margaret More
BK LaBonte Aime More
FL LaBonte Alice R. More
BK LaBonte Arlene More
BK LaBonte Azelia More
BK LaBonte Charles More
FL LaBonte Delvine More
FL LaBonte Doris E. More
BK LaBonte Edward J. More
FC LaBonte Elise (Gagne) More
BK LaBonte Hilda More
BK LaBonte Leona More
FC LaBonte Louis A. More
FC LaBonte Louise A. (Lacasse) More
BK LaBonte Marguerite More
FC LaBonte Nazaire More
FC LaBonte Olivine R. (Plouffe) More
BK LaBonte Raymond P. More
BK LaBonte Roland E. More
BK LaBonte Roland Edward More
FR LaBonte Rosanna C. More
FL LaBonte Roseanna C. More
BK LaBonte Stella H. (Peterhansel) More
BK LaBonte Theodore More
BK LaBonte Theodore J. More
BK Labranche Honore More
BK Labranche Mary (Crecoire) More
BK Labrecque Amedee A. More
BK Labrecque Angelina More
BK Labrecque Arthur E. More
FC LaBrecque Beatrice R. More
BK Labrecque Eva (Doyer) More
FL Labrecque Eveline More
BK Labrecque Grace A. More
BK Labrecque Hector J. More
BK Labrecque Honore More
BK Labrecque Katherine More
BK Labrecque Katherine E. More
FC Labrecque Laetitia More
BK Labrecque Lillian More
FL Labrecque Louis More
BK Labrecque Rene J. More
FL Labrie Leo G. More
FL Labrie Linda T. More
FL Labrie Nancy A. More
FL Labrie Rollande G. (Goudreau) More
BK Lacasse Lucis E. More
BK LaChance Florence More
BK Lachapelle Albert H. More
BK Lachapelle Joseph O. More
BK Lachapelle Joseph O. More
BK Lachapelle Lachapelle, Albert More
FC Lacomb Precilia More
FL LaCourse Alfred More
FL LaCourse Eugene (Fortier) More
FL LaCourse Honora B. More
FL LaCourse John More
FL LaCourse Joseph More
FL LaCourse Joseph More
FL LaCourse Joseph More
FL LaCourse Leo More
FL LaCourse Melia (Tetrault) More
FL LaCourse Paul J. More
BK LaCroix Augustin More
BK LaCroix Cecile P. (Boucher) More
BK LaCroix Grace F. (Martin) More
BK LaCroix Hazel M. More
BK LaCroix Henry J. More
BK LaCroix Leo C. More
BK LaCroix Leo J. More
FC LaCroix Louise (Ducharme) More
BK LaCroix Raymond A. More
BK LaCroix Roseanna More
FL LaCroix Unknown More
BK LaFaille Eugene More
BK LaFaille Marie More
BK LaFerriere Alphonse G. More
BK LaFerriere Blance N. More
BK LaFerriere Josephine More
BK LaFerriere Romeo More
FC LaFlamme Arlene J. (Bostley) More
FC LaFlamme Blanche G. More
FC LaFlamme Claire D. More
BK LaFlamme Demerise (LeBlond) More
FC LaFlamme Edward More
FC LaFlamme Emile More
BK LaFlamme Eva M. Rodier More
FC LaFlamme Harvey A. More
BK LaFlamme Joseph More
FC LaFlamme Laetitia (Labrecque) More
FC LaFlamme Ovide More
FC LaFlamme Paul M. More
FC LaFlamme Paul M. More
FC LaFlamme Raoul G. More
FC LaFlamme Regina R. (Latulippe) More
BK LaFlamme Rita M. More
FC LaFlamme Therese (Dallaire) More
FC LaFlamme Vincent A. More
FC LaFlamme Vincent A. More
FC Laflamme Yvonne M. (Sabourin) More
BK LaFleur Louis P. More
BK LaFleur Priscilla H. More
BK Lafond Alexina More
BK Lafond Bernadette More
FR Lafond Constance J. More
BK Lafond Donat More
BK Lafond Margaret More
FC LaFontaine Carol R. More
FC LaFontaine Caroline More
BK LaFontaine Fremont More
BK LaFontaine Laura More
FC LaFontaine Philippe J. More
FC LaFontaine Telesphore P. More
BK Lafreniere Albert More
BK Lafreniere Lea (Parenteau) More
FC Lagimoniere Dorothy More
BK Lagimoniere Joseph More
FC Lagimoniere Leona More
FC Lagimoniere Lillian (Desmarais) More
FC Lagimoniere Ovila, Sr. More
BK Lajoie Claire (Poulin) More
BK Lamagdelaine Alfred More
BK Lamagdelaine Alfred More
BK Lamagdelaine Angela P. More
BK Lamagdelaine Dorine M. More
BK Lamagdelaine Doris H. More
BK Lamagdelaine Eleanor O. More
BK Lamagdelaine Eleanor O. (Lesage) More
BK Lamagdelaine James R. More
BK Lamagdelaine Joseph L. More
BK Lamagdelaine Joseph Leon More
BK Lamagdelaine Josephine More
BK Lamagdelaine Wilfred More
BK Lamagdelaine Yvonne More
FL Lamagdeleine Gabriel More
BK Lamagdeleine Lena (Corbiere) More
BK Lamagdeleine Lucien More
BK Lamarine Melina (Cusson) More
FL Lambert Edward More
FR Lambert Irene More
BK Lambert Odile M. More
BK Lamirande Edward J. More
BK Lamirandre Malvina Arbour More
BK Lamirande Sadie L. More
BK Lamirande Theodore More
BK LaMontagne Euclid J. More
BK LaMontagne Helen M. More
BK Lamontagne Mildred L. More
BK Lamothe Alice E. More
BK Lamothe Arcelia More
FR LaMountain Gloria L. More
BK Lamountain Rose Burdo More
FR Lamoureaux Eusebe More
FR Lamoureaux Eusebe E. More
FR Lamoureaux Marie Louise (Boyer) More
BK Landreville Hiram H. More
BK Landreville Rosario E. More
BK Landry Fred More
BK Langevin Francois X. More
BK Langlais Cecile M. (Ducharme) More
BK Langlais Lucien D. More
BK Langlais Lucien D. More
FR Langlois Adele (Larivee) More
FR Langlois Alfred More
FL Langlois Alfred More
FC Langlois Angelique More
FL Langlois Dina More
FC Langlois Florence I. More
FC Langlois J. Alderic More
FC Langlois Joseph More
FL Langlois Louis More
FC Langlois Marie Louise More
FC Langlois Philomene More
FC Langlois Prudence More
FC Lanoue Roseanna More
BK Laperle Hermaide More
BK Laperle Josephat H. More
TL Lapier Leonard J. More
BK Lapier Mabel More
BK Lapier Peter H. More
FR LaPierre Denise M. More
FR LaPierre Dennis L. More
FC LaPierre Eva More
BK Lapierre Leo M. More
BK Lapierre Rosalie More
BK Laplante Magloire More
FC LaPlante Marguerite D. More
BK Laplante Regina M. (Renaud) More
FC LaPointe Adelaide More
FL LaPointe Eva More
BK Lapointe Henrietta (Daviau) Nadeau More
BK Lapointe Ora B. More
FL Laporte Edward More
FC Laporte Leon Joseph More
FL Laporte Lucia More
BK Laramee Alice (Premont) More
BK Laramee Angelina More
BK Laramee Cecile More
BK Laramee John B. More
BK Laramee Leon More
BK Laramee Romeo N. More
BK Laraway Irene Dubois More
FR Larivee Adelard More
FR Larivee Adele More
FR Larivee Agnis Paulin(?) More
FR Larivee Cyprien More
FR Larivee Elizabeth (Jarvis) More
FR Larivee Joseph P. More
FR Larivee Leda (?) More
FR Larivee Victoria (Roy) More
BK Lariviere Anna M. More
BK Lariviere Antoine J. More
BK Lariviere Gabrielle More
BK Lariviere Henri J. Sr. More
BK Lariviere Lauria A. More
FR Larochelle Laura (Brodeur) More
FC Lasasse Louise A. More
BK Lasonde Edward More
BK Lasonde Ora More
BK Latour Eugene More
FC Latulippe Regina R. More
BK Laurin Armand H. More
BK Laurin Aurianna (Charbonneau) More
BK Laurin Edward More
BK Laurin Mary E. More
BK Laurin Ovila E. More
BK Lauzon Evelyn E. More
BK Lauzon Theotime T. More
FC Lavallee Dora More
FC Lavallee Doris More
BK Lavallee Felix More
FC Lavallee Florida Y. More
BK Lavallee Francis More
BK Lavallee Joseph More
BK Lavallee Laur___ More
BK Lavallee Marie Louise More
FC Lavallee Pierre J. More
FC Lavallee Roland J. More
FC Lavallee Wilfred More
BK Laverdiere Alain More
BK Laverdiere Albina M. More
BK Laverdiere Alboma (Phaneuf) More
BK Laverdiere Arthur J. More
BK Laverdiere Barbara J. (Dryzgula) More
BK Laverdiere Hector A. More
BK Laverdiere Hector A. More
BK Laverdiere Jeanne D'Arc (Dion) More
BK Laverdiere Joseph More
BK Laverdiere Joseph J. More
BK Laverdiere Laura A. (Phaneuf) More
BK Laverdiere Laurent More
BK Laverdiere Robert P. More
BK Lavoie Irene More
BK Lavoie Jeannette More
BK Lavoie Juliette J. More
BK Lavoie Ovila More
BK LeBeau Ovide More
BK LeBlanc Edouard More
BK Leblanc Omer L. More
BK Leblanc Rosa E. (Roy) More
BK LeBlond Demerise More
BK Leblond Edmond J. More
FC Leblond Edna M. (Rau) More
FC Leblond Ernest H. More
FC LeBlond Irene More
BK Leblond Joseph More
FC Leblond Lea More
FC Leblond Merilda M. More
BK Leblond Rebecca More
BK Leblond Rita A. (Caouette) More
BK Lecca Ernestine M. More
BK LeClair Germain J. More
BK LeClair Lester L. More
FL LeClair Ozelina (Senecal) More
BK LeClair Rita (Pariseau) More
BK LeCousineau J.B. More
FR LeCuyer Arline M. (Tanguay) More
BK LeCuyer Bella Rose More
FR LeCuyer Ernest R. More
TL LeCuyer Joseph R. More
BK Leduc Maria More
FL Leduc Unknown More
BK Lee Zelema More
FR Lefebvre Blanche I. More
BK Lefleur Roland E. More
BK Legare Loretta More
BK Lemaire Bertha (Rock) More
BK Lemaire Lucien More
FR Lemaire Malvina More
BK Lemieux Alice L. More
BK Lemire Alberic More
BK Lemire Alberic R. More
BK Lemire Alma E. (Dubois) More
BK Lemire Henry S. More
BK Lemire Irene (Lavoie) More
BK Lemire Joseph More
BK Lemire Laura More
BK Lemire Marie-Louise Sevigny More
BK Lemire Napoleon J. More
BK Lemoine Angeline More
BK Lent Henrietta More
BK Lepage Alphonse More
BK Lepage Eugenie (Moineau) More
BK Leroux Emily More
BK Letellier, William William More
BK Letourneau Arthur J. More
BK Letourneau Charles V. More
BK Letourneau Victor D. More
BK Levesque Gabrielle More
BK Levesque Josph P. More
BK Lipscomb-Provost Alice H. More
BK Lipscomb-Provost Shirley More
BK Lorette Albert F. More
BK Lovely Charles P. More
BK Lovely Clara I. More
BK Lupien Roseanna More
FC Lynn Christopher More

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