Precious Blood Cemetery

South Hadley, Massachusetts
Hampshire County

Located on Route 33
South Hadley

Tombstone Inventory

Names in red are duplicate entries listed by maiden surname, when known.

Obviously some of the unknown links might be identified with more reliable
information available to make the determination. If you can help out here,
please do not hesitate to contact me.

Section Last First Image
FC M__our Marie More
TL Magnan Mary L. More
FC Mahoney Alice E. (Gustafson) More
FC Mahoney David J. More
FC Mahoney Dennis B. More
FC Mahoney Irene (LeBlond) More
BK Mailhot Adrien Z. More
BK Mailhot Alfreda More
BK Mailhot Blanche More
BK Mailhot Graziella More
BK Mailhott Debbie More
BK Mailhott Dina More
BK Mailhott George (Joe) E. More
BK Mailhott Josephine A. More
BK Mailhott Meclea More
BK Mailhott Theodore O. More
BK Mailhott Theodore O. More
BK Mailloux Arthur A. More
BK Mailloux Lucy More
BK Mainville Euphemie More
BK Male Elizabeth More
BK Mann Crawford J. More
BK Manning Alfred A. More
BK Manning Jeanne More
FL Marcent Pierre More
BK Marchand Evelyn Dupuis More
BK Marcil Marie More
FL Marciniak Alice R. (LaBonte) More
FL Marciniak Joseph E. More
BK Marois Rose Anna More
BK Marquis Maria V. More
FC Marquis Matilda More
BK Martel Edmond E. More
FC Martel Edward More
FC Martel Eva V. More
BK Martel Gerald G. More
FC Martel Leo More
FC Martel Leo More
BK Martel Martel, Blanche More
FC Martel Olivine More
FC Martel Roseanna Lanoue More
BK Martel Sarah E. More
BK Martel Wilfred S. More
BK Martin Check this More
BK Martin Clara (Boisvert) More
BK Martin Grace F. More
BK Martin Joseph E. More
BK Martin Melinda Wells More
BK Martin Napoleon More
BK Martineau Celanise More
BK Masse Alfred More
BK Masse Clarida More
BK Masse Emery More
BK Masse Joseph More
BK Mathey Rachel D. (Paiment) More
BK Maurisse John More
BK Mayer Wilfred J. More
BK McClain Marie Y. (Pelletier) More
BK Mecure Arthur More
BK Mecure Blanche More
BK Mecure Leo More
BK Mecure Leonida (Paradis) More
BK Mecure Marie (Chretien) More
BK Mecure Rene More
FC Mecure Rosanna More
FC Menard Apolline More
BK Menard Edna N. More
BK Menard Frank J. More
BK Mercier Arthur More
BK Mercier Helen More
TL Mercier Honore More
BK Mercier Marie Jeanne More
BK Mercier Maurice R. More
BK Mercier Noellia Cote More
BK Meunier Albert More
BK Meunier Bernard H. More
FC Meunier F.S. (?) More
FC Meunier Joseph A. More
FC Meunier Lena M. (Tetreault) More
FC Meunier Roland J. More
FC Meunier Roland J., Son More
BK Michon Albert Robert More
BK Michon Antonio More
BK Michon Arcelia (Lamothe) More
BK Michon Cleophas More
BK Michon Doris More
BK Michon Edward More
BK Michon Ernest A. More
BK Michon Eva B. More
FR Michon Jeannette D. More
BK Michon Michon More
BK Michon Orianna More
BK Michon Orianna Gauthier More
BK Michon Rena (Bienvenue) More
BK Michon Rene More
BK Michon Rita I. More
BK Michon Yvette More
FR Michon? Unknown More
FR Mignault Anna More
FR Mignault Aurore A. More
FR Mignault Lucie Isabelle More
FR Mignault Lucienne J. More
FR Mignault Napoleon J. More
BK Mignault William J. More
FR Migneault Armand J. More
FR Migneault Paul J. More
FR Migneault Paul J. More
BK Mikna Andrew More
BK Mikna Isabelle G. (Bernier) More
BK Miller Beatrice V. More
BK Miller Christian More
FL Miller Joseph More
BK Miller Joseph F. More
BK Miller Leopold G. More
FC Miller Marie More
FL Miller Phillip F. More
BK Miller Raymond A. More
BK Miner Annette Y. More
BK Miner Richard More
BK Miner Richard F. "Dick" More
BK Minkalis Cecile C. More
BK Minkalis Joseph F. More
BK Minkalis Joseph F. More
FC Mirault Edouard More
FC Mirault Laura (?) More
BK Mireault Aldiana More
BK Mochon Adelard More
BK Mochon Albina More
BK Mochon Alice More
BK Mochon Bruno More
BK Mochon Bruno More
BK Mochon Robert More
BK Mochon Robert L. More
BK Moineau Eugenie More
BK Monast Armand J. More
BK Monast Lea More
BK Monast Roland R. More
BK Monast Roland R. More
BK Monat Alida More
BK Monat George E. More
BK Monat George P. More
BK Monat Napoleon E. More
FR Monfette Gloria L. (LaMountain) More
FR Monfette Richard J. More
BK Monfette Ronald A. More
BK Monfette Wilfred J. More
FL Mongeau Francis J. More
FL Mongeau Lucy M. More
FC Mongeau Unknown More
BK Monks James More
BK Monks James More
BK Monks Mary Louise More
BK Monks Olive J. More
BK Monks Rosalie More
BK Montmeny Albert C. More
BK Monty Joseph D. More
BK Monty Meranda More
BK Monty Reina M. More
BK Moquin Joseph More
FC Moquin Justina More
BK Moquin Marie A. More
BK Morgan Claire E.(Riley) More
BK Morgan Henry H. More
BK Morgan Henry H. "Pat" More
BK Morin Albert J. More
BK Morin Azelia (Labonte) More
FC Morin Celinda (Ponton) More
BK Morin Dorothy More
BK Morin Edouardina More
BK Morin Edward More
FC Morin Eugenie More
BK Morin Florence E. (Houle) More
BK Morin Fortuna J. More
BK Morin Francois More
BK Morin Germaine M. More
FC Morin Joseph More
BK Morin Marie R. More
BK Morin Mary (Burke) More
BK Morin Nora E. More
BK Morin Roger F. More
BK Morin Rosario More
BK Morin Theresa More
FC Morin Unknown More
BK Morin Walter L. More
BK Morin Wilfred H. More
BK Morin Wilfrid More
BK Morin Yvonne More
FC Morissette Charlemagne More
BK Morissette Monat J. More
FC Morissette Yvette L. (Bacon) More
BK Morissette More
BK Morrier Alb___ (?) More
BK Morrier Emma More
BK Morrier Louis More
BK Motyka Mabel Dumas More
FC Mulkere Florence I. (Langlois) More
FC Mulkere John L. More
BK Murphy Grace E. More
BK Murphy Grace E. More
BK Murphy John A. More
BK Murphy Margaret (Lafond) More
BK M'Vemba Antoine J. More
BK M'Vemba Marcelle H. (Van Belle) More

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