Precious Blood Cemetery

South Hadley, Massachusetts
Hampshire County

Located on Route 33
South Hadley

Tombstone Inventory
Pr - Sh

Names in red are duplicate entries listed by maiden surname, when known.

Obviously some of the unknown links might be identified with more reliable
information available to make the determination. If you can help out here,
please do not hesitate to contact me.

Section Last First Image
BK Pratt Antoinette More
BK Pratt Emile More
FR Precourt Blanche I. (Lefebvre) More
FR Precourt Elphege A. More
FR Precourt Emery H. More
FR Precourt Rose A. (Forest) More
FR Precourt Ulysse More
BK Prefontaine Georgianna More
BK Premont Alice More
BK Proulx Edward G. More
BK Proulx Jacqueline M. More
BK Proulx Jeanned'arc More
BK Proulx Joseph G. More
BK Proulx Joseph R. More
BK Proulx Joseph Raymond More
BK Proulx M. Angelina More
FC Proulx Sophie More
BK Provost Adele More
BK Provost Alice R. More
FC Provost Ernest More
BK Provost Geraldine More
BK Provost Graziella Mailhot More
FC Provost Lydia (Fournier) More
BK Provost Rita C. More
BK Provost Rita M. More
BK Provost Rosianne More
FC Provost Therese More
BK Provost Victor J. More
BK Quenneville Lillian More
BK Quenneville Lorraine B. More
BK Query Ernest More
BK Query Lester D. More
BK Query Lester D. More
BK Query Mae Rose More
BK Query Mercedes More
FC Quesnel Alfred A. More
FC Quesnel Blanche G. (LaFlamme) More
BK Racicot Lea More
BK Racine Bertha More
BK Racine Lawrence W. More
BK Racine Rita M. (Hamelin) More
BK Racine Roy Roger More
BK Rankin William J. More
BK Rathay Alma More
FC Rau Edna M. More
BK Raymond Joseph More
FC Reed Everett C. More
FC Reed Everett C. More
FC Reed Irene B. (Hart) More
BK Reel Ellsworth E. More
FC Reeves Bessie V. More
FL Regin Esther More
BK Remillard Marie Louise More
BK Remillard Ubald More
BK Renaud Delia More
BK Renaud Doris M. More
BK Renaud Doris Michon More
BK Renaud Roland J. More
BK Renaud Ruth H. More
FC Renaud Unknown More
BK Renauld Regina M. More
FR Riberdy Melina More
FC Riberdy Rhea (Douville) More
FR Riberdy Wilfred P. More
BK Richard Emma More
FC Rielly Catherine More
BK Riffenburg Mona V. More
BK Riffenburg Raymond E. More
BK Riley Alice L. (Germain) More
BK Riley Claire E. More
BK Riley Walter A. More
BK Riopel Alice C. (Corriveau) More
FC Riopel Lillian A. More
BK Ritter Claire More
BK Ritter Frederick L. More
BK Ritter Henry R. More
BK Ritter Mabel G. More
BK Rival Andrew More
BK Rival Ephrem More
BK Rival Wilfred J. More
BK Rivard Dominique More
BK Rivard George A. More
BK Rivard Laura C. More
BK Rivard Leo More
BK Rivard Rose More
FR Riverin Aurore A. (Mignault) More
FR Riverin Philip A. More
FR Riverin Philip Andrew More
BK Rivest Charles A. More
BK Rivest Eleanor (Pellissier) More
FL Rivest Joseph More
FL Rivest Mederic More
BK Rivet Charles H. More
FR Rivet Irene F. (Bombardier) More
FR Rivet Joseph D. More
BK Rivet Lea C. More
BK Riviere Blanche S. More
BK Riviere Edna B. More
BK Riviere George L. More
BK Robert Angelina More
BK Robert Armand More
BK Robert Joseph More
BK Robert Rose More
BK Roberts Adelard More
BK Roberts Augustin More
BK Roberts Gilles G. More
BK Roberts Joseph More
BK Roberts Joseph H., Cpl More
BK Roberts Lise M. More
BK Roberts Maria Honorez More
BK Roberts Mary R. More
BK Roberts Rosilda More
BK Robillard Anna A. More
BK Robillard Cora More
BK Robillard Lucien More
BK Robillard Nellie M. More
FL Robillard Phyllis C. More
BK Robillard William More
BK Rock Bertha More
BK Rock Clara (Derosier) More
BK Rock Gilbert More
BK Rock Ida (Couture) More
BK Rock John J. More
BK Rock Joseph A. Sr. More
BK Rodier Alphonsine M. More
BK Rodier Arthur L. More
BK Rodier Hector J. More
BK Rodier Leandre More
BK Rodier Philomene More
BK Rodrigue Adrienne R. A. More
BK Rodrigue Rose More
FC Rompre Flora More
BK Rougeau Aurore M. More
BK Rougeau Wilfred J. More
BK Rouleau Alfred More
BK Rouleau Blanche L. More
BK Rouleau E. Leon More
BK Rouleau Irene B. (Paradis) More
FR Rouleau Lorraine More
BK Rouleau Lucien R. More
BK Rouleau Lucien R. More
BK Rouleau Pauline M. L. More
BK Rouleau Regina More
FC Rousselle Emma E. More
FR Rowe Albert More
FR Rowe Beatrice (Gardner) More
FR Rowe Donald More
FR Roy Adeline More
BK Roy Albertine (Perron) More
BK Roy Alonzo J. More
FR Roy Alyre More
FC Roy Amedee More
FC Roy Amedee More
BK Roy Archille More
BK Roy Delia More
BK Roy Emma (Beauchemin) More
FC Roy Flora (Rompre) More
BK Roy Fred A. More
BK Roy Godfroi More
BK Roy Irene V. More
BK Roy Isabel More
BK Roy Joseph A. More
BK Roy Josephine More
BK Roy Leda R. More
BK Roy Marie Thibault More
FR Roy Maryanna More
FC Roy Norbert L. More
BK Roy Philomene More
BK Roy Real J. More
BK Roy Rene W. More
BK Roy Rhea B. More
BK Roy Rosa E. More
FR Roy Victoria More
BK Rozell Alexander More
BK Rozell Edward L. More
BK Rozell Florence B. More
BK Rozell Grace A. (Labrecque) More
BK Rozell June M. More
BK Rozell Olivine More
BK Rozell Randy More
BK Rozell Rene More
BK Rozell Richard F. More
FC Rushworth Loretta (Boudreau) More
FC Rushworth Thomas More
FC Rushworth Thomas E. More
FC Sabourin Yvonne M. More
BK Salois Olivier More
TL Salvail Infant More
FR Samson Emalie (Collins) More
FR Samson Hilaire More
FC Sansouci Adelina More
BK Sansoucy Unknown More
BK Sasseville Flora More
BK Sasseville Melanie More
BK Sasseville William J. More
FL Saurette Edgar More
BK Savage Frank More
BK Savage Lena More
BK Savignac Joseph More
FC Savoie Natalie More
BK Sawyer Angelina More
BK Sawyer Edward More
BK Sawyer Joseph J.F. More
BK Sawyer Rose More
FC Schubach Lea D. More
FC Semper A_ness (Pierre) More
FC Semper Henri More
FC Semper Malvina More
FC Semper Natalie (Savoie) More
FL Senecal Ozelina More
FL Seney Adolphe More
BK Seney Frank More
FL Seney Jeanne (Beaupre) More
FL Seney Louis More
BK Senneville Emily M. More
BK Senneville Herman A. More
BK Senneville Robert H. More
BK Sevigny Marie-Louise More
BK Shaw Frank G., Mrs. More
FL Shewchuk Estelle B. (Chartier) More
FL Shewchuk Walter J. More
FL Shewchuk Walter J. More

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